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What people say about working with me

"Michael has been incredible in helping me understand who I am and helping me improve my mental health both in the short and long term, and I cannot thank him enough for his help."


"Michael is very understanding and has a wonderful gentle encouraging approach to his excellent teaching methods. I have had anxiety and panic for as long as I can remember. Michael has guided me to completely different perspectives in dealing with these feelings, which has been life changing. The actual techniques are simple but challenging so require dedication and practice to get the best from the work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Michael, and practicing his teaching. He is a brilliant psychologist. The anxiety still comes and goes but I now know how to accept it rather than push it away so that it doesn’t escalate into full blown panic. This has freed me up to focus on the things in my life that make me feel happy. Who could ask for more?"


"I was referred to Michael for anxiety caused by a situation that seemed, in my view, too all-encompassing to be addressed through therapy. I felt like the world had turned upside down and I had lost all faith in humanity. My attitude was sceptical at first, but I noticed a significant shift in my mindset after only a few sessions. Through his patient, open-minded — and most importantly, compassionate — approach, Michael helped me regain my connections to other people. Beyond providing practical strategies for dealing with anxiety, he helped me reevaluate thought patterns that had built up over the decades. My year of therapy with Michael was life-changing. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to him if necessary, or to recommend him to others."


"Michael was really patient in teaching me how to look at things differently, I now have some great tools should my anxiety come back. Michael took my singular thought practice of pending doom, breaking it down and rebuilding it. Now instead of hiding from my thoughts I  welcome them. I felt sorry for Michael as I wasn’t the easiest of clients and didn’t go quietly & questioned everything. But he patiently adjusted how I look at things and the more I realised he was right the more affable I became. Highly recommended and a genuinely nice person."


"Michael's therapy and mindfulness training has had a really positive impact on my wellbeing, and given me a completely new outlook on life! I had tried meditation to tackle stress and anxiety before, but it wasn't until receiving Michael's guidance that it really started working for me. After my series of 18 sessions, I feel like not only a happier person, but one who has acquired a well-stocked toolkit of techniques to draw on whenever I need."


"Michael helped me learn a number of new and interesting techniques to manage anxiety that I implement on a daily basis.

Michael is easy to talk to, genuinely passionate about his work and is a compassionate listener - could not recommend highly enough."


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