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Dr Michael Eisen

I am a Clinical Psychologist and mindfulness trainer. 


Across a decade offering therapy, both in the NHS and private practice, I have worked with clients ranging from violent offenders to CEOs. 

It is a privilege to hear my clients speak honestly about their struggles, and to work alongside them to make things better.

Besides doing therapy, I produce meditation-based content for The Sleep School app, and am an Honorary Lecturer and Associate Clinical Tutor at UCL, working

Mindfulness-based online Clinical Psychologist Michael Eisen

with trainee Clinical Psychologists on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have written two self-help books and presented in corporate settings including Reddit, Intel, and Google.

I have been meditating and practising mindfulness since 2006, and have had a daily practice since 2014. Since then, I have been on numerous retreats, learnt from well-respected meditation teachers, and trained to teach mindfulness. I have taught more people to meditate and practice mindfulness than I can count, in the context of individual therapy, courses, workshops and presentations.

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