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I am looking forward to working with you. Before we begin, please read the following:


Sessions last 50 minutes and take place in this Zoom meeting room:

Please save the Zoom link somewhere you can easily find it.

We can either arrange a regular slot for your sessions or you can book them in session-by-session using this link:


Wherever possible, I video-record my sessions. I do this so that I can review my work and try to improve it, in line with an approach to professional development called Deliberate Practice. I might occasionally show recordings to my clinical supervisor in order to get their input. I delete these recordings regularly.

Of course, I will only record our sessions with your consent, and will entirely understand if you would prefer not to be recorded. If you are happy to be recorded, please give your consent here.


There is lots of research that shows therapy works best when therapists do two things: 

  • Get feedback as they go

  • Measure how it’s going

So, in line with best practice, I use two short questionnaires at each therapy session. The first one, which you fill in before the session, asks how your week has been. The second, which you fill in at the end of the session, asks for feedback on the session. 


The scores from the questionnaires are used to help us discuss how you are doing and how the therapy is going. The scores are also plotted on graphs, which help us track our progress.

In our first session, we can discuss this, and, if you are happy to, you will fill in the first questionnaire.

You can read more about this approach here:

Cancelling and rearranging 


If more than 24 hours’ notice is given, there is no charge for rearranging or cancelling sessions. With less than 24 hours’ notice, the full fee for the session will be due. If you are paying for your sessions via health insurance, your insurer will not pay for sessions that you fail to attend, and so I will charge you for them.




If you are paying for your own sessions, I will send you a request for payment via PayPal after each session. If you do not use PayPal, you can pay directly via bank transfer. 

My bank details are:

Michael Eisen

20 44 86



If you are paying for your sessions via health insurance, I will need your membership number, claim number, date of birth, and address. Please keep track of how many of your funded sessions you have had, so that you do not attend sessions for which your insurer has not agreed funding – you will be liable to pay for those sessions.




Sessions are strictly confidential, except that: (i) I may discuss your case with clinical (including peer) supervisors; (ii) if anything you tell me indicates a significant risk of harm to you or anyone else, then I may break confidentiality in order to inform whichever individuals or bodies are best placed to ensure your own or others’ safety; and (iii) I will disclose any information that I am required to by a court.


I will keep records of our sessions to assist me in working with you, but these will be password-protected and will be identified by your initials rather than your name.

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